Thursday, April 26, 2007

Writing Center Factoids

In the Writing Center today, we were looking at numbers. Yes, we write numbers, too! (We're using a base-ten system. Are you? It seems to work well.) The numbers we were looking at are numbers about the Writing Center from academic year 2005-2006. They are:

Number of one-on-one tutoring sessions: 3,539
PSU programs served (by student major): 34
Presentations Writing Center staff gave to PSU classes: 48
Number of PSU students directly assisted by the Writing Center: 2,020

Three thousand, five hundred and thirty-nine times, we sat down with members of the PSU community and helped them with their writing! We directly spoke to or worked with two thousand and twenty different PSU students! This makes us happy.

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Vanth said...

Numbers? Heresy.