Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Deadlines Looming Near!

It's summer. You've just spent a lovely afternoon basking in the sun, sitting in the park blocks sipping on a diet soda while the sound of anonymous indie-rock winds its way up from the amphitheater. Summer classes have just started and...now they are about to end. Yep. Four weeks move by fast. Just four weeks to learn all there is to know about cultural anthropology, form some opinions on the subject, and compose the perfect term paper. Do not fear. The Writing Center understands, and we have some solid suggestions.

First, talk to your instructor. They know what they want and they can tell you. Use those office hours. Ask specific questions. What should the scope of my paper be? Who is my audience? How long should it be? Do I need to do outside research? Where should I look? Oh, and do it now. Right away is better than a little later. You can quote us on that one.

Second, come to the Writing Center. Bring in the assignment sheet and the syllabus and all the notes you undoubtedly took on the conversation you just had with your instructor (see above). Do you have any ideas about what to write on? Bring those too. No ideas, no worries. Let's talk about it.

And, last, start now. Talk to your instructor. Talk to us. Talk to a reference librarian (always a good idea). Seriously. Right now. And...now. The term is only four weeks long. It's time to shorten that procrastination cycle. In fact, let's do away with it altogether.

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